Introducing… Bramble Wax

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to start my own business. I’ve played around with lots of ideas. Self-employed hairdresser, eyelashes, cosmetics, clothing and more. But most of them were either too expensive to be profitable in the long run.

Over a year ago, I started making wax melts, just for fun, at home. I would dish them out to family members and use them to spruce up my home, giving it that clean and fresh vibe. Recently though, I’ve really honed my craft, being able to experiment with different styles of melt, waxes, packaging, scents and so on. It was then I settled on a proper idea for my own business. Something I’m passionate about, something I’m good at and something I feel I can be competitive with.

I started sourcing the best quality, eco-friendly ingredients. This is something I’m really all about – being eco-friendly in this day and age of waste. So it was important I avoided things like parrafin wax going forward. Some of your favourite home fragrance brands use parrafin wax which is not only bad for the environment but offers a quicker, less fragrant burn. So I went with soy wax. It’s longer lasting and more environmentally viable.

I fused this with only the finest quality, most intense fragrance oils I could find. All of the packaging I settled on is also either recyclable or biodegradable, in keeping with my committment to being eco-friendly.

Everything I do is hand-made in the heart of the Lake District and you can find the full range of melts on Etsy now. You can also DM me on Instagram and there’s a Facebook page which you can message me through to arrange orders privately. I’ve got staple fragrances from dupes of your favourite perfumes to floral aromas, but I’ll also be doing seasonal fragrances. Currently, it’s October, so in preparation for Halloween I’ve put together a range of spooky shapes and spicy autumn flavours to creep up your home this time of year. I’ll also be doing a really pleasant and indulgent Christmas range, so keep an eye out for that!

You can also look forward to our range that is specially designed around mental health – floral fragrances with proven benefits for stress relief and those good feels! On top of all this, you will be able to find us in person at various pop-up stalls around the local area.

Bramblegal xox


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