5 Handmade Gifts I love this October

October is all about preparing for the gift-giving season. I know most of you may not even be thinking about it right now, or some of you may already be all set for Christmas, but here are five handmade gifts I love this October, from small businesses (not on the high street).


1. The Pink and Red 

Amy Martin is the inspiring, body-positive Scottish artist behind the amazing  The Pink and Red She is more known for her wonderful body-positive booby pots. I was kindly gifted two and I just think they stand for so much. She also provides a service where you can send a picture of your boobs and she will make it come to life in one of her pots.

It’s on my Christmas list for my partner to buy me this year. I have a love-hate relationship with my body, but especially with my boobs. Recently, looking at all her personalised work, I’ve seen my own boobs in a diffrent light.


2. Crochet on the Coast

Stephanie O’Connor puts together a range of crochet and amigurumi items, for all occasions, under the name Crochet on the Coast. She kindly gifted me some really cute crochet decorations for my tree this Christmas. Stephanie is really talented, delivering high quality handmade items with lovely design for any time of year. I loved the candy canes on the ribbons and it’s the eye she has for the smaller details that make her products the ideal gift for anyone who loves to accessorise their home with handmade decorations. Not limited to decorations though, Stephanie also offers keyrings, blankets, baby mobiles and more. I’m even tempted to get my partner a bookmark from Crochet on the Coast, as he’s such a bookworm!

If the gift I recieved is anything to go by, the delivery is speedy and you won’t be disappointed.


3. Darling Prints

I was kindly gifted the rainbow print from Kayleigh at the Preston Baby Loved Family event. Now to be true to myself I’m not that into prints that much, but I really like the rainbow print she makes. I have it on my top landing near the window and it reminds me of my child as he is always looking for rainbows on bright, rainy days.

She also does Mama Jumpers! I’ve just ordered myself one in dusty pink, perfect for the end of the month festivities I’ll be enjoying.

So if you have a friend or family that loves prints and stylish mama tops I would definitely buy from her!



4. Bramble Wax

If you’ve seen my previous post, or have been keeping up to date with events on my Instagram, you’ll already know about Bramble Wax, my new business specialising in producing highly fragranced, eco-friendly, handmade wax melts.

Now, I’m not one for mindless self-promotion, so I’ll keep this one short! If you know anyone who is house-proud, into cleaning, loves keeping their home smelling good or all of the above, then Bramble Wax is for you. Handmade in the heart of the Lake District, I am offering a whole bunch of different ranges of wax melts, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and varieties for all times of year. We also offer a range of floral scents, scientifically proven to improve your mood. You can now find us on Etsy!


5. Chunky Knit Blanket

Now, unfortunately, I do not know where this came from, as it was a gift. But this time of year, staying warm is a necessity and there’s no reason why you can’t look good whilst being wrapped up and snuggly. Chunky knit stuff is perfect for that.

Usually knitted together from merino wool, a type of wool specific to sheep from New Zealand, the wool is super warm, really thick and extremely cosy at this time of year.

Anyone, young or old, would appreciate a good chunky knit. Make sure to look for handmade ones, as the quality tends to be superior. You can find all sorts of Etsy stores producing chunky knit goods, from hats, gloves and scarves to throws and blankets!


It goes without saying, all of the aforementioned companies produce goods that are handmade with love and are BG approved.

Happy shopping!

Bramblegal xox





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