Summer Sharing Cake

Imagine the flavours of your favourite summer cocktails. Now imagine them brought to life in the form of a sponge cake! That’s what I experienced when I was recently gifted a summer sharing cake from Sponge – an independent business specialising in delicious homemade baking made from high quality, free-range ingredients.

Sponge provide everything from single, 8-slice and 16-slice sponge cakes in 15 unique flavours, to wedding cakes and gift cakes with gluten-free and vegan options available as well. They even assemble “cakecards”, which are a wonderful idea if you have friends or family that live far away. The idea being that cake is sent in a personalised card, small enough to fit through the letterbox but big enough to be brim with comforting flavour. There are a whole range of options for gifts, such as cake toppers and extras that can be added to any cake. Sponge also do “Sponge Friday”, where if you sign up, you can save up to 30% in weekly deals. The cakes are also delivered swiftly – I signed for and received mine only a day after it was sent out. Amazing!


So, onto the summer sharing cake! The cake is an 8-slice double sponge, divided into four boozy cocktail flavours: Espresso Martini, Gin & Tonic, Pina Colada and Strawberry Swirl. I’ll break each flavour down individually, as it’s so difficult to choose between them because they are all do indulgent and tasty.


The Espresso Martini, like it’s counterpart in the cocktail world, is rich and boozy. Flavoured with a shot of coffee and a Kahlua-based liqeur buttercream, this slice is perfect for an evening dessert.


The Gin & Tonic slice is refreshing and strongly flavoured, with a juniper and lime infused sponge and a buttercream that consists of Gordon’s gin, this one is great for sharing at a party or a BBQ. I can imagine this going down nicely with a Bramble cocktail!


The Pina Colada is an absolutely classic summer drink, brim with all of those flavours that brings you that tropical vibe. This slice of cake is exactly the same, consisting of a pineapple puree and Malibu rum sponge and filled with a coconut buttercream. It is topped with frosted coconut and a glace cherry for that extra summer throwback.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Strawberry Swirl flavour. The sponge is strawberry and vanilla and has been given a marbled effect, held together by a strawberry buttercream and decorated on top with sugar butterflies. This one isn’t boozy, but it’s definitely refreshing and flavoursome, a perfect compliment to a summer get together or afternoon tea.


All-in-all, my gift from Sponge is divine. All of the flavours are balanced and well thought out and the sponges themselves are soft and moist. I love how they look and I adore the theme of a summer sharing cake – a cake to share with friends and family on those warm summer afternoons and muggy evenings. Perfect with a cup of tea (like I did) or even a cocktail or two if your feeling in the mood, the summer sharing cake has converted me to Sponge and I will definitely be shopping with them in the future!


Another BG approved company – no doubt about it.

Bramblegal xox




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