Story Sacks

Have you ever had issues getting your child interested and excited about reading? I have. Given that getting Charlie to practice his reading is such an important thing to achieve, I struggle to keep him motivated when it comes to getting him to read. Don’t get me wrong, he still enjoys a book at bedtime, but that’s because he’s being read to. Getting him to do it for himself is a different story entirely!


But recently, I took a trip to my local library and found a really innovative solution to this issue. Here, they have something called “story sacks”. I recently asked people on Instagram if they had ever come across them and was surprised to find nobody really had. The idea is simple. You can loan them out for up to three weeks like any other book on their shelves. However, the story sacks are lovely, hand-crafted bags that contain not just a story, but puzzles, toys, puppets and other objects that aid a child’s reading.


You can go about it a number of ways. For example, you can keep the book a mystery, and try to have your child guess what the story is going to be about from the objects they come across in the sack. Alternatively, you can recreate the story or its themes by having your little one play with the toys and solve the puzzles, or put together a jigsaw. Every object in the sack matches up with the story, so they act as aids in helping your bookworm piece together the story.


I thought this was such a great idea! As soon as I saw them I was immediately drawn to them and was curious as to what they were. When I saw how they were filled with imaginative ways to narrate a story book, I knew straight away that I had to give it a go with Charlie. Maybe this is just what I’ve been looking for to stimulate his appetite for reading and books in general!

Credit to my local library in Penrith for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Their children’s section is great enough as it is, but these story sacks really give parents the upper hand when teaching their child to read. Rather than the standard school books that your child gets sent home with to rinse and repeat as homework, story sacks offer a much more dynamic way to teach a young mind to develop their literary skills.

BG approved for sure!

Bramblegal xox



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