Bestie Bakes

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first ones to try out some delicious baked treats from Bestie Bakes, a Preston based business set up by two best friends. They have been friends for 15 years. Over that time, they’ve shared in plenty of things, but importantly for them, their love of baking and their sons – born only four months apart. Together, they set up their company to pursue their passion for baking and to be able to spend more time with their children. But most of all together!

The friends have teamed up to provide the nation with absolutely delicious treats. They can turn your favourite chocolate bars into brownies no problem – anything from Twix to Snickers to Mars and Aero. Not to mention they also make “blondies”, like brownies but lighter in colour. These come in flavours like white choc chip & raspberry, nutella and hazelnut, honeycomb & biscoff and walnut & white choc chip. All you need to do is DM them on Instagram and place your order – they ship nationwide (within the UK). I’m so glad they ship because when I move from Preston, I know I can still have my treats from Bestie Bakes no matter where I end up living.

I was gifted a selection of brownies and blondies and not one was superior to the other – they just kept getting tastier and tastier with every bite. They were soft, gooey, warm and heartwarming; everything a perfect brownie should be. They were incredible. I cannot believe such an amazing duo is right on my doorstep, baking treats so tasty it’s hard to put into words.


If you think I enjoyed them, you should have seen my son Charlie’s reaction – he practically closed his eyes when he took a bite – and he’s six! If anyone can appreciate a good brownie it’s a six year old with a never ending appetitie for sweet stuff!

At the moment, Bestie Bakes are offering back to school classics like vanilla cake & strawberry custard, lemon cake with vanilla custard and of course, nothing can offer that nostalgia factor of school dinners like chocolate cake with mint custard! It’s £1.50 per portion, £3 per portion with custard and only £12 for a full tray. So not only are these ladies extremely talented and bake heavenly desserts, but they offer them for such a good price. You couldn’t possibly say “no!”


Definitely B.G approved – it’s a 10/10 from me and Charlie.


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