The “Do the Unthinkable” Diet | REVIEW

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now. I’ve tried all sorts: diets; workouts; boot-camps… you name it. I’ve just never had luck in shifting this stubborn weight.

But then, after doing some digging, I came across a company called Muscle Food, based out of Nottingham, UK. They supply all sorts of high-protein, prepared meals, snacks and supplements and kindly gifted me four week’s worth of food as part of their “Do the Unthinkable” diet plan.

Basically, I select the meals and snacks I want each week and they all get posted to me with a workout DVD, cookbook and planner. Essentially everything one could need to get started with a new diet. You also have access to a personal trainer who you can check in with weekly to get tips and support should you need it. Not to mention the Facebook page, where you can get even more support and motivation from others who are doing the plan.


The Do the Unthinkable plan has two advantages: it’s high protein but low in fat, meaning your body gets everything it needs to stay healthy whilst being clear of the stuff that’s difficult to break down. The diet also takes advantage of something called “calorie deficit”, the idea being that you burn more calories than you consume throughout the day.

The programme I followed was, as mentioned above, for four weeks, meaning that I followed the diet and the workout plan (though this isn’t essential as such) for a month. I’ll share with you my week-by-week progress…

Week 1

Before undertaking the plan, I weighed myself. I was shocked to find I was at 16st. Now I was determined to tackle my weight head-on and really commit to the Do the Unthinkable diet. When my first box arrived, I opened it and was surprised to find the amount of food in the package. There was definitely more here than I’m used to eating. However, it’s all the right stuff, food that is wholesome and good for your body, so I had no problems snacking more in between meals.


The snacks consist of high-protein crisps, bags of nuts, protein bars and cookies, so that you can still satiate those cravings you might get for junk food if you were anything like me. In fact, I found it hard to snack so much. I wasn’t used to it. But the personal trainer assured me that I didn’t have to eat the snacks, they were just there if I felt peckish.

The meals themselves already come prepared for you. The vegetables are chopped, chicken stripped and spices packaged, so all you have to do is cook the ingredients together with a splash of oil (I used vegetable oil) and you’re set. You get healthy food and less to do in the kitchen – amazing!


Before my first box arrived, I thought this diet was going to be so tough to stick to. I imagined myself struggling with hunger and cooking complicated meals, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The meals are so easy to prepare and the healthy snacks keep you sustained throughout the day.

After my first week, I was so motivated by making this one change to my lifestyle, it was time I started making others…

Week 2


It was on my second week I decided to start drinking more water and going to the gym. Also, by this point, I knew what I liked and didn’t like food wise, so I was able to refine my order so that all the food and snacks fit my taste.

This was when I really started to notice a difference. My energy levels had completely flipped! I was full of life. I felt fitter and more motivated and this was having a massive impact on my day-to-day life. Instead of afternoon naps, I wanted to workout. As opposed to taking transport everywhere, I opted to walk (within reason).

On top of this, I was absolutely loving the diet! Normally, diets are such a chore. The food is boring, the portions aren’t filling and everything just seems bland and demoralising. But the Do the Unthinkable diet suited my needs so well. The fact that I could have a delicious peri-peri chicken meal with homemade chips that was fresh and tasted amazing, whilst being on a diet, was great for me. Oh and let’s not forget the pizzas!


Week 3


I was pushing myself harder than ever now. I was starting to notice even more changes. Not just in my mental wellbeing, but my body. Muscles I didn’t know I had started to tone up and I was becoming so comfortable and confident with my body. I was enjoying this regime. It wasn’t an effort to stick to, but each day it became more and more satisfying.

I was loving the food, loving the exercise and seeing the changes day-in-day-out. By this point the diet had become second nature to me. Take a meal out of the freezer in the morning, work out, snack on the high-protein supplements and effortlessly prepare my meal in the evening. Being a single-mother is busy enough, without having to prepare crazy diet meals – but Do the Unthinkable make it so easy.


Week 4

My last week on the plan. I had been weighing myself week-by-week but by week four, I never dreamed the results would be so incredible: I had lost a whole stone in weight… In only four weeks!!! I couldn’t believe what I had achieved.

You see, the thing that impressed me the most about Do the Unthinkable was not the ease of the meals and how great they tasted, not the support and not even the resources available (although these are all amazing in and of themselves) – no… It was the fact that Do the Unthinkable motivated and inspired me to start making changes to my life. The diet gave me the boost I needed to start being an overall healthier person and this is something I could never have foreseen happening. I look better and I feel better, within myself and in terms of my health. Mentally and physically! A month ago I couldn’t have lasted 20 minutes in the gym, now I do well over and hour and by the evening I want to go back.

Do the Unthinkable isn’t just another fad diet that you do for a few weeks, lose some weight and then go back to old ways. It’s so much more than that. It’s a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, done in such a subtle and achievable way.

I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and so excited about what the future holds and it’s all down to Muscle Food and their Do the Unthinkable health plan.

It’s absolutely changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Overall, definitely a 10/10 BG approved company. No doubts about it.

Also, don’t forget that if you want to try the plan for yourself, you can use my discount code, “HANNAHDTU5” to get £5 off your order.

Check out my before and after pictures below:





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