My First Blog Birthday

I just want to say I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started my blogging journey. It’s been a crazy one. So much has happened in such a short space of time and you’ve all been right here with me as I document everything. From my fertility journey to exploring what my style is; motherhood and everything in between. I’ve learnt so much about myself, learned from my readers and I’ve had great opportunities to work for businesses both small and large.

I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you all for being with me, reading and supporting what I do. When I started out I didn’t hope for much, just to be able to help one person. I only started writing my blog as a distraction from my infertility issues. But,  as it happens, I’ve garnered such a good following and I have you all to thank for helping my blog take off. It can only go further and reach new heights. So, from the bottom of my heart: a big THANK YOU to each and every one of my readers!!!


I also thought I would take the time to tell you what I’ve got coming up in the future, the direction I’ll be heading in and what content you can expect from me. As you may have realised recently, my Instagram vibe has shifted more towards fashion. I’ve always been sort of negative about my body and never could find clothes that fit my curves the right way. For a long time, my ideal outfit would be just leggings and a black t-shirt. I’ve always imagined me to be wearing more vibrant colours, bolder and more textured looks, but my weight has always stood in my way.

I’ve also been too apprehensive to express my style, or, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t really know how to work with my figure. However, being Instagram focused this year, I’ve met lots of different people and learnt from them, that are of a similar body-type to mine. I realised that I could experiment with my look in new and interesting ways and my confidence grew. So you should definitely expect to see more of my fashion.

Obviously, there’ll also be updates on my battle with infertility. You may have noticed I’ve done quite a few reviews on products and locations and I’ve had so much fun doing these, so you should expect a lot more.


But, I would also like to add while I’m on the subject, if any brand asks me to review something, I will always give you an honest review of the product, as I’m not in this game for the money. It’s all about keeping it 100% with you guys. I’m sure a lot of bloggers say something similar, but I do mean it. I would never reccommend a product to anyone that I wouldn’t use myself and I value each and every one of you. What you may not realise is that you’ve all helped me through some tough situations and in return I always aim to help you guys – that means being honest with you all!

So here’s to another amazing and crazy year and I hope you will all continue with me on this journey. I aim to give you a new post every Sunday and I also want to explore my YouTube channel more, especially now that I have a new camera. I do have a YouTube channel already, but I haven’t been massively active on it. But subscribe to “Bramblegal” in preparation for the summer ahead.

Love you all,

Bramblegal xox


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