Did We Really Have a Fair Chance?

In today’s society, we are all glued to our technology. Maybe except the older generation, that stuff just frazzled their brains!

I’m a 90’s kid and in my free time back in the day I was outside tormenting the neighbour’s kids and ditching my sister the first chance I had… However, my child now barely ever leaves the house. If his friends call for him they go upstairs to play video games and if I kick them out they go to a friend’s house and do the same.

His bikes and scooters have collected more rust than the local trains.

How times have changed! Especially since we have all adapted into the fabulous tech world.

Is it so fabulous though? Did you know that our personal data is a “trillion-dollar” industry, worth more than oil?

Do you ever stop to wonder why?

I know it’s not really an interesting conversation to have with friends and family and I’m sure not even half of us bother to read the small print about where and who has our data and how it is being used.

For some of us, it didn’t even cross our minds until the big scandal came out with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Luckily for me, I’ve never liked Facebook but does that mean I’m safe from the collection and sale of my personal data?

Of course not!

Ask yourself this…

Have you ever been doing your thing on social media when you were suddenly confronted by an ad that was scarily personal to you?

Now ask yourself how did that happen?

Is it mere coincidence?

Are they mind-readers?

Are they really listening to us trough our microphones?

Or have they collected that much data from us they know before we know what we want and desire?

Creepy ain’t it?

For those who don’t know about the big scandal, it turns out a company called Cambridge Analytica, headed by Alexander Nix, were hired by the Trump campaign and Leave.eu (Brexiteers) to aid them in their respective votes. Cambridge Analytica used a Facebook survey to create voter profiles and targeted voters who were undecided with ads that promoted Trump/Brexit. In both cases, Cambridge Analytica’s assistances was instrumental in the outcome of the votes.

It all came out in 2018 and I’ve learned so much more about this from a documentary I’ve seen on Netflix called The Greatest Hack.

I highly recommend watching it for more of an insight – it’s mind blowing!

So now I ask myself, did we face a fair referendum in the UK?

What do you think?

Use the hashtag #givemydatabackplease and lets start a conversation that is truly needed.

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