Baker Street, Preston

As many of my readers will know, not too long ago I moved away from a small village to a city in the North of England named Preston. I’m a village girl at heart, and starting this new life in the hustle and bustle of a city has come with its own set of trials and tribulations. One of the things I’ve slowly been doing is exploring places to go in Preston for food, nights out and entertainment.

So recently, I was invited to an event hosted by Baker Street, a new bar in Preston’s city centre. I say “new”, but actually, the bar first opened under the name Garth’s Arms back in 1812. It’s changed hands and monikers a bunch of times since then, being called the Duke of Windsor, Maguire’s Tavern, Gaston’s, though my friends remembers its iteration as SoBar.

Fun fact: near where we used to live in Preston, there was a microbrewery, called “Little Avenham Brewery” – this was actually set up by Gaston’s for them to brew their own ale in house.

Despite all the changes, the new owners of Baker Street, Dave & Darren along with the help of managers Ben & Michelle, have taken the bar back to its roots, stripping the building back to its original brickwork and timber and have spent close to £1 million revamping this little side-street gem. The decor is now gothic/steampunk and the vibe is great – it really feels like your stepping back in time, into Preston’s rich history.

The atmosphere when you walk in is lovely. The staff mingle and chat to the locals and they offer a wide range of drinks from beer and wine to spirits and cocktails. The cocktail menu features all the classics such as Mojitos and Martinis (I tried a Porn Star Martini), Brambles (which I also tried) Daiquiris and Mai Tais. They serve a selection of proseccos too! Their bottles of beers and ciders is an extensive selection and everything is really well priced and reasonable, plus I loved the barmen’s swish uniforms. Also, in the future, they plan on serving tapas, so keep an eye out for that.

As for the event I attended, it was a blast from the past, with tunes played by the band Skaface offering that classic 2 Tone sound and creating a really good energy in the place. For those of you that don’t know, ska originates from the Caribbean, and fuses elements of rock, blues and calypso. Think of bands like Madness or The Specials.

The gig was rammed to the rafters with punters who were loving the music and having a great time. There were even a couple of older men getting their “skank” on to the band. The overall atmosphere was so jovial and there was a genuine sense of community and people just enjoying themselves. It’s such a shame it was on a school night, otherwise I would have stayed until the very end, which on a Thursday evening is 2am! Way past my bed time when I have a little one at home. Friday’s and Saturday’s see later opening hours of 3.30am, but from Sunday to Wednesday, Baker Street opens its doors at Noon and closes at Midnight. The early opening and the laid back atmosphere means you can bring your family members (maybe not the kids) here for a lovely afternoon drink, or you can top off a date with a night cap. The swanky decor and Instaworthy lighting will ensure you get those snaps you’ve been thinking of,  and the central location is so convenient.

Speaking of pictures, I was lucky enough to have met Robyn, the resident photographer at Baker Street. She is lovely! So approachable and a really great photographer. She is responsible for most of the photos on this post, as you can probably tell by the high quality.

Baker Street only opened on 7th March 2019, so they’re definitely new kids on the block, but I’m sure with the classy combination of fine drinks, steampunk decor and events like this one I’ve attended, they’ll be a staple in anyone’s night out when they hit the city centre of Preston. I would definitely consider Baker Street my new go-to bar!

BG approved!

Bramblegal xox





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