In The Night Garden || Live at the Lowry

Today I feel so fortunate! I was kindly gifted press tickets from We Blog North to go and see the live show for the BBC series In the Night Garden with my six-year-old son, Charlie. Not only did we get amazing seats to see the show in the Lowry theatre in Salford, but we also got to attend an after party event. Here there was food, facepainting, bubbles, balloons and lots of fun for the kids. We also got to meet the show’s two main characters, IgglePiggle and UpsyDaisy. The whole experience was such a great one and nothing can replace that warm feeling I got inside to see the joy on Charlie’s face throughout the day.

Firstly, I have to say, the Lowry theatre was such a great venue for the show. In the heart of Manchester’s media city, this iconic theatre has hosted so many great performances over the years and I knew before the curtain call that this show was going to be magical. Our seats were in the middle of the auditorium, so we had such a brilliant view. If you’re taking along a baby or toddler, keep in mind the ushers do provide booster seats for your little one, so they don’t miss out on any detail.

The show itself was everything you could expect if you’ve ever watched the series on TV. All the characters made an appearance, from IgglePiggle to UpsyDaisy, and even Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos. The story was nice and relaxing for the kids, as it followed IgglePiggle navigating the Night Garden, following sounds that led to all of his whimsical friends. The performance was full of dance and laughter, as well as bright colours and an array of sounds and music that kept the audience of children and adults alike entertained. The projection effects were a really nice touch, as was the snow at the climax of the show. Speaking of, the performance runs at about an hour long, and just as the children’s attention started to wonder and kids were becoming fidgety, the show reached the last act and the little tikes were engaged and excited again.

After the show, we were invited to attend a press event/meet-and-greet. There was plenty for the little ones to do here. Charlie had his face painted for the first time ever, got a balloon Spiderman made and ate his bodyweight in cake. There was also a bubble machine for the kids to play in and after all of this they even got to meet IgglePiggle and UpsyDaisy, as well as having their photos taken. Even I got a photo with IgglePiggle!!!

There was some queueing for the photos of course, but it was not long to wait at all for our chance to meet the stars of the show. And when we got to them, the staff and the actors were so amazing to me and Charlie, never dropping character and just completing the whole experience for us.

This was hosted in the Pier Cafe and oversaw by wonderful staff who were so good with all the children.

We got provided a goody bag as well, which included a DVD, a sticker book, a Goodnight IgglePiggle book, two puppets of IgglePiggle and UpsyDaisy and a spinning light. There were also some delicious decorative cookies available, though unfortunately there’s no information as to who made them.

I know Charlie had a brilliant time and I am so very grateful to the cast and the staff who made the event possible and especially We Blog North, who gave me and Charlie this lovely opportunity. I felt like a real VIP at the event, especially getting that red carpet reception 😉

Fortunately for you and your family, this isn’t a one-off! The show is actually touring and although today was the last date in the Lowry, the show is coming to the Grove Theatre in Dunstable and the Colosseum in Watford, both in April.

Charlie had an amazing time. He loved the performance and all the treats. He can’t wait to go to bed tonight to be read his IgglePiggle book and he adored having his face painted and meeting new friends in the bubbles.

If you fancy taking your family to see this enchanting live show you can book your tickets here.

I hope you have as brilliant a time as I did and take it from me that this show is definitely BG Approved.

I hope you have a pip pip, onk onk day!

Bramblegal xox



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