Vintage Kilo Sale

Established in 2009, Vintage Kilo Sale is an event that happens annually and is the UK’s first “kilo” sale. Essentially, you pay a small entry fee and are let loose onto an emporium of garments from 1960’s all the way through to the early 2000’s. You then pay £15 per kilo of clothing (hence the name). The clothes are a mixture of vintage and retro items, some branded, some not.

The event has literally thousands of clothes for you to root through, so you’re guaranteed to come across something you like. There are clothes for men and women, all sourced in partnership with Glass Onion, Europe’s largest vintage wholesaler.

In total, there is around 6 tonnes of stock to wade your way through, from tees and shirts to jackets and skirts. Once you’ve picked your items, you simply take your haul to be weighed.

Sadly, there aren’t any items from the 40s or 50s at these events, due to them being so hard to source and being quite pricey. But, you’ll find so much crammed into the rails from every other decade from the 60s onwards you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

This is a sustainable way to shop, as all the clothes are used and dirt cheap, plus you’re encouraged to bring your own bag, so the whole thing is totally eco-friendly.

My tips for attending this event:

  • Be an early bird to this event – you wont regret it
  • The event has an area where you can check if you reach your kilo – I was 100 % sure I did until I weighed it and realised I had a bit more space to shop!
  • Start from the top of the room and work down each aisle so you don’t miss anything.
  • Take your time and really enjoy the event – but be prepared to push for what you want and snatch them bargains up.

I had a blast at the event and bagged myself some really cute outfits!

Black dungarees

The first thing I snagged was these dungarees in black – I absolutely love them and they definitely brought out my strong pin-up girl self.




Green stripe Jumper


I picked up this green striped, oversized jumper.

It has a touch of yellow and red in it and comes all the way from Germany, by the brand Maerz, who pride themselves on the quality of their product and have been producing knitwear since the 1920s.

Made of merino wool, this jumper is complimented by an emerald green handbag from Topshop and green boots from Public Desire.


Selection of Scarves


This picture doesn’t do these scarves justice. There’s beautiful shades of oranges, greens, browns and peachy pinks and I love the versatility of these scarves. You can use them around your neck or tie them to your hair. All-in-all they can be used as a wonderful accessory to liven up a wide variety of outfits.

Red Blazer


Unfortunately, the label has been removed from this garment, so I cannot tell who it’s from, but it’s a beautiful knitted red blazer with old German coins for buttons. It’s formal enough to be used for special occasions, but also can just add a touch of class to a casual black outfit.

I hope you find this article helpful for if you ever get the chance to attend one of these amazing events.

I highly reccommend the Vintage Kilo Sale so if one comes to a town near you, be sure to check it out.

To keep up to date on future events, check them out on Instagram

B.G. Approved xox


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