Ring Doorbell Review

Happy January

So I’ve just moved into our first mortgaged home over the busy christmas holidays and on my christmas list this year was a ring door bell – the gadget that makes crooks think you never leave your home.

It’s my new little spy disguised as a door bell but has built-in motion detection and acts as extra home security.

the Ring is a clever, well-designed gadget

My first impressions? The packaging definitley gave me a vibe this will be child’s play to build. It was neat and simple and not too much to read. In the package is everything you need to get started, including a drill bit, wall plugs and a mini spirit level. You simply drill four holes, put the plugs in, screw the mount in place and slide the doorbell onto the mount. All done!

If you move around a lot, then you can simply charge it via USB cable when it needs it and just clip it back onto the mount when it’s charged. Otherwise, if you’re in your forever home, you can have it wired in, meaning you’ll never need to worry about it running out of juice.

So how does it work?

Ring is really simple. It hooks up to your home wifi and to the Ring network, which means when someone presses your doorbell, a notification is sent to the Ring app on your smartphone. Simply click the notification and clear as day, you can see live footage of whoever it is that has pressed your doorbell. You can even speak to them and they can speak back.

But because it is all done through the smartphone app, you can see them, but they cannot see you, meaning you could be anywhere in the world but they’ll think you’re right inside the house. Hence, it makes crooks think you’re home when you’re not!

There are only two issues I’ve had with it:

One is doing live view from my doorbell. Now this may not be Ring’s fault – it could be my wifi provider’s fault. However, sometimes it works and other times it takes a while to load and if you wanted to check if someone is outside your door at night you could be waiting a while if your wifi is slow.

The other issue is the motion detection. It works well… maybe a bit too well!

As you can see above, it recorded every bit of motion on the street!

You can tweak the settings though, to either:

  • frequent
  • standard
  • light

Ours is currently on light. It’s supposed to capture motion less often and we changed the motion to only the door area.

But as you can see its highly sensitive and still notifies us about people on the other side of the road.

Now, as a single mother in a new house, new area and a new city, I’ve found the Ring doorbell has given me peace of mind. Especially in the evening, when I want to know who may be lurking in the street. Plus, I’ll never miss the parcel man again and I won’t have to deal with their excuses if a package doesn’t get posted!

On that topic, aside from the obvious security benefits, I love the freedom it offers me to leave the house and not worry about missing anything, as when someone presses the doorbell, it’s as easy as answering a phone call – it’s almost like Skyping with visitors, only they can’t see me, obviously.

For those wondering about getting the Ring doorbell but not sure if it suits for a bigger household, it works just fine. As the owner of the product, you can add “shared users”. This essentially gives you the ability to add family members with smartphones to your account, so they can be notified and answer the Ring exactly as you can. Having this feature makes Ring absolutely perfect for family homes and single-occupant homes alike.

You can also get accessories to link up with your Ring doorbell, like Chime, which is a speaker that you can place in your home so you hear the doorbell if you don’t have access to your phone. Chime Pro, which is as above but also a WiFi extender. Or even a solar charger which fits around your Ring doorbell to charge the battery in daylight hours. If you want even more security, there are even a range of cameras available, some of which even come equipped with spotlights.

To see the full range, visit Ring.com and take a gander.

This is obviously BG approved, highly reccommended and though it retails at £89 (but there’s also Ring 2, Ring Pro and Ring Elite – as the names imply, the pricetags increase) it is very much worth the money.

Bramblegal xox






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