Smelling Good is a Good Business

Happy January,(?)

Normally this is the month we are either skint or buying our Christmas gifts we didnt get in the sales. It’s a financial hangover either way!

I generally get perfumes to add to my collection but I acutally forgot to add it to my list for my partner this chritmas – and without a list he is pretty useless at Christmas gift-buying.

So I made it my mission to look into getting some new Tom Ford perfume.

John Lewis is normally a tad bit cheaper retailing it for £57 in a swanky bottle.

But then I came across the femalefragranceboss on Instagram, of course!

Federico started up in Poland, and essentially cut the middle man out of fragrance lines. They don’t fork out money on fancy packaging or pretentious advertising campaigns that make no sense, with A-list celebrities who don’t seem to know about the product.

They use a higher concentrate of fragrance oil, which means that the aroma lasts longer on the skin than their high street counterparts. So in essence, you get a cheaper product that smells authentic and lasts longer.

another intresting fact about this company is the perfumes are made in the same factory as the luxtury high street.

I was given seven samples to try, all inspired by familiar designer brands and they were:

  • 33 Dolce & Gabanna – light blue women
  • 329 Marc Jacobs – Daisy
  • 359 Thierry Mugler – Alien Summer
  • 363 Lancome – L’autre oud
  • 366 Yves Saint Laurent – Black opuim
  • 413 Lancome – la vie est belle
  • 809 Tom Ford – Black Orchid

Most of the perfumes above I haved owned at least once or use weekly.

Now of course I was a bit sceptical. I thought it might be close but no cigar. I wont bore you with the head note, heart note and base note on all these samples and all that jazz, otherwise you’ll be reading an essay, but WOW! I was so shocked when I tested them, in fact I was speechless and blown away with how similar they smell.

Then I went into a bit of a phase of how annoyed I was that I’ve spent precious £’s on basically the perfume bottle and the advertising campaign all theses years. For example, for a 50ml bottle of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, you’re looking at between £70-80, but buying from Federico, you can bag 809 in 50ml for £22.50.

However, don’t just take my word for it, check her instgram page out and you’ll see all the reviews. She has definitely gained a customer in me and if you want to be smart with money this 2019 check her out.

So of course it’s a BG approved company by me!

Happy shopping

Bramblegal xox


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