My Story This Year

So this year is coming to an end and in fact, I’m so relieved that it is.

2018 was not all bad but it was a rollercoaster with more dips than highs and some very unexpected rolls. It’s just been that type of year!

We had to say goodbye to Teddy, our gorgeous family dog, as our landlord decided to evict us for having him. We did manage to find a wonderful home for Teddy in the end though.

After all that, the landlord moved a family in who have a huge Greyhound – says it all really! In the end, he wouldn’t give my deposit back either so that was a nightmare.

As you may have seen from elsewhere in my blog, I have been going through something of a journey with my fertility – or lack of! Yet another year without a baby, but after a HSG test, we found out I had a blocked tube. So maybe with that development, 2019 could be our year as my doctors are very hopeful still as long as I keep my weight down.

We then moved to Preston and had a lovely big home in the city centre with a great landlord and things definitely started to look up but at the end of the first month we moved my partner had a mental break down that lasted 5 months.

This was so challenging for us as a family and was hard to come to terms with it. It also landed my partner into some legal trouble which then led us down a long, horrible road with courts, solicitors, barristers and judges. None of whom really cared. But this was all resolved in the end and there was a positive outcome.

But one of the highs of this year was that I got to tick Disneyland Paris off my bucket list.

Me and Charlie had such a fantastic time and I don’t think he’ll ever forget it.

Charlie also didn’t settle well in the new school. Barely any of Charlie’s classmates spoke English by the sounds of it and he got very frustrated with the experience.

He is undiagnosed but it is suspected that Charlie is autistic. We are 65% sure he is on the spectrum and his doctors and school professionals believe he is as well.

Unfortunately without that diagnosis he doesn’t get one to one help at school. As a result of this, he has not learned a single thing in school the last few months. This has concerned me as the school admitted to me that because of his behaviour they planned to keep sending him home early and expelling him until local authorities become involved. A process they called “Flexi-Schooling”. Charlie would spend 9am-12.20pm sat in an office playing with toys, isolated from other children and not in class learning. He would then be sent home to me, leaving me and my partner really stuck in terms of our jobs.

Because he was sent home so much I had drop out of full time work and go back to being self-employed.

I then decided to home school him. And what a massive difference that has made to him. He was learning so much faster and more importantly, he was happier. He still got to socialise and meet up with friends from the home school group.

It’s been a massive improvement and we are very happy.

We recently became home owners this December (2018) and we have moved in and are running two homes until January but a very exciting chapter has just begun…

Here’s hoping 2019 is a drama-free year for all of us!

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