The Perfect Christmas Eve Box


I adore Christmas. A lot of people become a grinch upon mention of the word “Christmas”, talking about Christmas being commercial and all the rest of it, that we’ve lost the original message, blah blah, but I still find Christmas to be one of the happiest times of year for me. I love Christmas food. I love convincing my partner we need more tree decorations. And I love the craziness around the shopping centre. However, for me, nothing is more special than Christmas Eve.

Everyone, no matter how old and cynical, feels at least a little excitement on Christmas Eve. I like to play on everyone’s excitement on Christmas Eve by arranging special boxes for the evening.

There’s nothing quite like that sprinkle of yuletide joy that lights up your little ones’ face when you give them an early gift on Christmas Eve. My family tradition was always getting a set of new festive pyjamas.

But Christmas Eve boxes are all down to detail. It’s one of my favourite things to build myself or buy from the best. This year, ivymayembroidery has me covered for Charlie’s Christmas Eve box. I could not recommend this company enough! This is something you will not find on the high street – it’s so special!

She has Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes.

Mine is the Gold box and inside it has:

  • Fluffy bath robe with his initials on. you can request for the first name if you like.
  • Personalised satin pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cone
  • Santa Sweet Cone
  • A Christmas book


I really like the fact that the cones, including “reindeer food” (so cute!) are detailed with eyes and a red nose, and of course the Santa one includes his famous beard and white hair.

On their website it says it’s a luxury Christmas Eve box and I can tell you first hand it’s so beautiful and all the detail is perfect. You can definitely tell these boxes are assembled with love and as a family run business, I find Ivy May Embroidery very relatable.

The robe is embroidered in powder blue with Charlie’s initials and name on the front, and his first name on the back. The slippers are adorned with ribbon in the same blue shade to compliment the blue on the robe, with another ribbon, carefully embroidered with Charlie’s name.

I also love the fact that they do it for all ages and they even stock a newborn baby one for kiddies up to 2 years old that includes:

  • Bib
  • Vest
  • Baby grow
  • My First Christmas Books

Christmas Eve boxes are normally a thing for the children. I don’t know about you but I would love a christmas eve box and I’m now 25 years old! They just help everyone wind down and enjoy their Christmas Eve, before the chaos that is Christmas Day itself!

Well, the company can do that too. Check her out on InstagramĀ for some of her recent work. They can do custom Christmas tea towels and all sorts of lovely items to ensure you have a delightful Christmas Eve.

Here is a close up of the quality embroidery on the robe and, of course, Charlie’s smile as he’s kitted out in his robe and festive pyjamas, which are also wonderfully embroidered with his name, this time in gold.

Overall, I have a very satisfied child this Christmas and the contribution from ivymayembroidery has helped cultivate that festive cheer.

If you have any enquiries, they respond very quickly and are extremely helpful. Delivery time is good and provided you get yours’ soon, you’ll have it in time for Christmas.

Definitely a Bramblegal approved company.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Christmas,

Bramblegal xx

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