Get Cosy with Me this November

After leaving the house this morning, I realised just how cold its got! Yes I know it’s the middle of November but still. An amazing sunny yet crisp day, the best, and I was super thankful to be wrapped in my new burgundy scarf and hat

My Leela pleated scarf is from accessories and it retails for £22

It is textured with a cool zig-zag pattern and its colour ensures it will compliment your winter fashion perfectly.

My twisted headband hat is from River Island and that was only £10 and it keeps my ears and head warm and it’s perfect for chilly winter days.

Nothing beats a good onesie. Am I right though? Especially in the frosty nights.

But finding the perfect onesie on the high street for us curvy women is never that easy. I was lucky enough this year as I was gifted mine from my lovely friend and it is from Next.  I’m in love with it – oh and it fits like a glove which is very rare to come across.

It keeps me so warm and it’s very cute. Mine is a black kitty onesie and I love how soft the material is.. If you love a hood on a onesie then this is perfect for you. The zip-through style allows you to slip in and out with ease – perfect for after a long day at work.

So Let out your inner animal with this onesie it’s worth the pennies for £32!

But what about keeping our toes warm this winter ? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Check out Luna & Luci. They specialise in warming footwear for women, girls and even have a mini me range and seasonal ranges. Luna & Luci aim to provide you with comfort from the moment you put on your slippers and I can tell you first hand that is 100% correct

I love mine. When I have them on it’s feels like I’m walking on clouds they are ridiculously comfortable and let’s not forget how stylish they are. Who said you can’t have style and comfort? My pair are called Ariel and they are a knitted bootie style. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair from the launch collection they currently retail for £24

Luna & Luci also have strict quality control standards and aim to manufacture sustainable, environmentally friendly goods that also take into account the well-being of the people working for their suppliers. This is true right up to the packaging, which is 100% recyclable and let’s not forget how Instagram worthy it looks. So that of course was right up my street.

Now, hot water bottles are a must in this time of year but I use mine monthly when that dreaded female time comes around. During that time my hot water bottle is a life-saver. Let’s not forget how beautiful this hot water bottle looks. It is from Let’s Get Cosy.

Mine retails for £20 and it’s in the “humbug” shade. The yarn is a chunky knit made from merino wool and as many of you may already know this wool is very breathable and hypoallergenic so its perfect for us allergy sufferers.

The final part for the perfect cosy night is making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, a company called Spacemasks can help with that. They produce a quirky eye mask which contains iron powder. The idea being that the oxygen around you and the iron particles engage in a natural heat exchange, gently warming your face and helping you drift off into a peaceful sleep – hence their tagline, “interstellar relaxation”.

Now that the science bit is out of the way, Spacemasks have been featured in Vogue, Tattler, Style, Stella, You, Travel, Hawkins Bazaar and Grazia, all giving overwhelmingly positive reviews of this otherworldly sleep aid.

Of course, all of these companies have been Bramblegal approved and will help you to get cosy with me this winter.

Bramblegal xx

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