The Perfect Dinner Party

When you think dinner parties you think close family and friends and even colleagues all coming around a big table while you start cooking up a storm in the kitchen and everybody wants to impress their guests.


But what about the table accessories? We live in a day and age that anything that’s “Instagram” worthy will be one to remember.  But you really don’t need to splash out for my table look, so I’ve put together a small list of shops I’ve found for all the accessories you need To pull this off. It’s important to pick a theme or pick colours for your table. So my style is white and gold and wood for my dinner table. Your’s can be as basic or creative as you want just think outside the box.

1. Golden glitter charger plates

Any charger plate will make a big statement and set the scene.

Mine are decorated with glitter on a gold base colour. This round charger plate will complete the look of your Instagram  dinner table. The best part of the ones I have is that they currently retail for £1.oo each from Dunelm.

2. T.K. Maxx home care crockery.

Now this is what I have.  One dotted plate, one plain plate and a small desert bowl, all in the same shade of white. I like to keep it simple so I’ve picked all white for my plates but you could make the middle plate another colour or a jazzy design textured plate.

3. White lace table runner

To match the plates, I’ve picked a white table runner and this is actually from Amazon and I love it. The only issue is that the retailer is no longer selling the one I have, but not to fear, if you type in white lace table runners lots come up that are just as good as mine. So check them out on amazon, mine was £9.99

4. Wooden feathered place setting

Rowan and Fox are a company on etsy. Click here for a sneak peek. They make the perfect laser cut gifts for any occasion and I have picked wooden feather shaped place-name tags.

Ideal place settings for your big day from weddings to christenings to your dinner parties and of course it adds a touch of class.

Rowan and Fox use a range of materials from coloured acrylic (black and white and clear) mirrored acrylic (gold,silver and rose gold) and last but not least natural wood and then you can pick the font and style you like. If you need any assistance, the owner is very helpful and can give you the help you need to get that perfect design. The delivery is fast as well, which is also a bonus.

They retail for £2.50 each.

5. Unique bottle stopper

Of course we don’t want our fizz going flat during dinner that would just be a disaster.

A bottle stopper is a must for any party and mine is from TheHouseOutfit

and it retails for £20.00

6. Centrepiece

I also got my tree trunk centrepiece from T.K. Maxx, which is handcrafted in Thailand and it was in the sale for £10.

7. Chocolate biscuits desert

Choconchoc are a UK based company that specialise in recreating those classic British sweets that we all know and love. From Bourbons to custard creams, party rings and jammie dodgers, they lovingly hand craft them all. They taste decadent and look amazing.

Handmade from the finest Belgian milk and white chocolate, these best-selling biscuits are perfect for practically any occasion, be it a special coffee morning, a glamorous dinner party, or simply as a gift that everyone will love.

Each box contains seven biscuits and the delivery is prompt. Whilst mainly UK based, Chcoconchoc do post to international destinations based on weight.

These seven classics are lovingly brought to life in this collection and I would reccommend getting your hands on some to complete that dinner party you have planned.

I hope my ideas inspire you to create the look that you want to achieve and all the companies featured in this article are 5-star bramblegal approved.

Happy dining

Bramblegal xxx

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