A Gift to remember

Today I want to share with you all a memorable gift that I will treasure forever. I’ve always loved the idea of personalised items as nobody else will have been given the same gift as you. Its unique, its special, and it will forever be a treasure. I’ve always missed out on things like this as the only way I can capture my child’s life is by pictures because he is autistic. He never came home from nursery or school with drawings. If he did come back with drawings it was because the teacher did half the work for him. At age 5 he started to write his name. The only issue with this is it was his initials back to front (TC)!

A very long but patient year later, 1 month after his 6th birthday, he wrote his name. I treasured that piece of paper! It was even more special that I got to watch him write it. It was like watching him take his first baby steps all over again.

After now battling with infertility for such a long time after Charlie, you soon realise how important it is to treasure a child’s milestones in life. So who could you trust to deliver the perfect personalised jewelry?

I would have to say with great joy Caitlyn Minimalist. They are based in California, United States but they have an Etsy shop that ships worldwide. They have been trading on Etsy since 2014.


Here is some background on the store:

“Creating jewelry has always been a passion of mine, as I come from a family of jewelers. I got my start in the industry creating high-end jewelry, until I lost someone very special to me, my grandfather. We were always so close, that I wanted to create something to remember him by. While I was away at college he would always write letters to me. So I took a quote from one of his letters where he would always sign “Love you, Papa” and I created a necklace. The amount of joy and comfort that necklace gave me through my grief of his passing was insurmountable. I felt a calling to bring this type of jewelry to everyone who has lost someone close and dear. That is how Caitlynminimalist was born”

My review

I have a personalised slider bracelet in rose gold, engraved with the exact way that Charlie wrote his own name in full for the first time. It retails for £40.44 + shipping. It is very lightweight and the engraving is so accurate – they have really nailed it and it has blown my mind. It is sterling Silver finished with 18K gold and is nice and petite. It looks really classy and is perfect for everyday use and for a more formal occasion. It comes beautifully packaged in a cute little box, complete with aftercare information, so you can get that extra longevity out of your item. I feel like this company understand how precious these moments are and how to immortalise them tastefully.

So considering how far it travelled, the delivery from the US to UK was really quite fast and I was enjoying my gift in no time.

I hope that you consider using this company for your personalised gift, as I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Lots of Love,

BrambleGal xxx


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