Are you Egging About?

Do you have your “eggsurance” plan out?

As most of you may already know, there has been a interesting debate about egg freezing (Oocyte cryopreservation) after a call for the NHS to offer egg freezing for women of 30 to 35 as an insurance policy for their future fertility, click  here to see the headlines.

Perhaps freezing eggs may, for some women, save future heartache, but it’s still far from guaranteed that taking this option will result in a baby in the future. As anyone who has experience of IVF knows, having a good stock of eggs doesn’t bring a bundle of joy, and women might need to go through a number of cycles of freezing to have eggs for the future.

So whats involved? and, more importantly, does it make sense for you?

Egg freezing has been around for over 30 years, fun fact – the first recorded birth from a frozen egg, using the slow freezing method, was back in 1986.

There is 4 key steps that need to take place to take the eggs:

  1. Stimulate: hormone injections stimulate egg production
  2. Extract: eggs are extracted from the ovaries
  3. Freeze: vitrification flash freezes eggs into glass‐like cells
  4. Store: eggs are stored in liquid nitrogen tank

How many eggs can you freeze?

Older women might only produce 5 or 6 eggs per cycle. It is important to check her ovarian reserve before deciding the number of cycles needed. Young, healthy women may be able to freeze 15 to 20 eggs in one cycle, but 10 is more usual.

who freezes their eggs?

In this day and age women freeze their eggs for variety of reasons, from women in the army for active duty or chemotherapy patients, or even women who are career driven and just not ready yet. Perhaps though, cryopreservation provides hope for women like myself – “the hopers”, as I like to call them, that freezing our good eggs could result in a baby once biologists have figured out how to grow babies in labs, or women that have just not met prince charming yet and don’t want to settle. There really is no definitive, all encompassing reason.

I hope all this has not scrambled your head but help a little to understand.

Love  from  Brambe Gal xxx

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