Eco Friendly/Vegan Gifts to Give this Year

Do you have an “eco warrior” friend but have no idea what to get them? Do you want to buy something for a vegan but have no idea where to start?

Well not to fear I’m always here for you guys and I’ve found not just eco-friendly/vegan products but they’re also by small businesses and I’m a strong believer in independent retailers. You’ll be able to find locally made gifts that are perfect for your significant other or even for yourself.


1. Willow & White Candle Co.

Do you know someone who is a fan of keeping their house smelling lovely? How about a couple who enjoy cosy nights by candlelight? Well, I’ve found the company that could have that perfect gift for a loved one.

Check out Willow & White Candle Co. They have natural scented soy wax candles, wax melts and reed diffusers. With 12 scents to choose from they have one for every season, day and mood. The company is based in Scotland, launched in 2016 and is run by two lovely sisters, Susie (the Master Chandler) and Linda, who handles the sales and marketing. However, they both take high pride in their work.

They aim to provide indulgent scented candles whilst avoiding the excessive price tags and paraffin content of the big brands. Their candles are non-toxic and eco-friendly, using soy wax for a longer, cleaner burn. Being environmentally conscious, Willow & White Candle Co. aim to provide basic packaging, which in turn doesn’t create the amount of waste that can happen when people purchase from the bigger candle companies out there.

Willow & White Candle Co. also offer personalised wedding favours, aiming to provide products that are fit for all seasons, occasions and budgets. Interestingly, they also offer a sample service, sending fragranced wax melts to you so that you can test fragrances before you buy a larger product from their extensive range. The samples are only 50p and there is no P&P charge. This is a great way to test a bunch of aromas before you settle on the one for you.

I have the “Winter” scented candle – a luxurious blend of oranges, cinnamon and clove on an oak base. It smells that good that you could be forgiven for wanting to eat it, but please do resist the urge to do so. It probably wouldn’t taste as good as it smells – which is divine!

This candle retails for £14.50 and £3.50 for P&P

(These products are eco-friendly – some of these products may not be vegan-friendly so please check)


2. Little Mango Tree

The re-usable cup sleeve that’s designed to protect your fingers from hot and cold drinks. Krissy, the owner of Little Mango Tree, created this design in honour of the Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte release. I love handmade items and it was created with perfection. I couldn’t fault this product at all. I highly recommend it! It fits like a glove and none of that faffing about trying to get it on.

they retail for £7.50 and Shipping is £1.01 for the uk.

Fun fact for you all: did you know, in the UK we use 7 million disposable coffee cups everyday? That’s 2.5 billion every year! Now even I have been caught red-handed, as you can see on this picture below.

I keep the sleeve in my bag now and if I do get a hot chocolate out and about I now give them back the cardboard sleeve that’s provided with the drink. Krissy doesn’t just do amazing cup sleeves she also makes cat nippers kickers! But there are all manner of things to choose from, and I have it on good information that Krissy will be working on some Christmas items and a giant chunky “arm knitted” bed runner for this winter.

She began crocheting at the age of 11 having been taught by her grandmother. As she became older though, she found the process of crocheting therapeutic and started to treat it as more than just a little hobby on the side.

(This product is eco-friendly and vegan)


3. Village Wax Melts

I’ve been testing out Village Wax Melts. I have the autumn inspired collection and that included:

  • 3x Blackcurrent & Agarwood
  • 3x Cinnamon spice
  • 3x Pumpkin spice
  • 3x Warm Gingerbread
  • 3x Vapour Rub
  • 3x Apple spice
  • 3x Sloe gin
  • 3x Toasted Marshmallow
  • 3x Moroccan spices

Now that’s 27 wax melts that currently Retails for £9.00 and FREE POST AND PACKAGING in the UK.

The first one I tried out was the sensational Blackcurrant & Agarwood and I knew straight away it wouldn’t get any better than this one. But it did and I was blown away with the quality and smells of each one.

These wax melts are a great gift!

(These products are eco-friendly and the soy wax is vegan)


4. Bean and Boy

Now I’ve recently had two amazing natural vegan soap from them. I’ve tested out the Avocado & shea butter that was unscented. I love that this soap is pure; no additives, no colourants, no preservatives and no fragrances and perfect for my child’s sensitive skin.

I also have the spearmint & seaweed that smells so lovely. I especially love the fact you can see the chunks of seaweed dotted throughout the bar. Both soaps are £4.95 each for the large bars (110g) but if you want to try out a smaller bar they retail for £2.50 (40g). I have the wooden soap dish too. I love the design its also made from sustainable hemu wood and my soap fit perfectly on it. They currently retail for £3.00. You can find this on their website

But they also do:

  • cotton face scrubbies £4.95
  • cotton soap saver pouches £4.95
  • Handmade knitted Facecloth £5.95
  • natural pumice stones 50p

Bean and Boy is a family run business, making soap by hand and Award-winning natural soap made by hand in Southend, UK. Stacey’s (the owner) child developed a mild form of eczema, and they found that standard treatments and recipes did not seem to do the trick. They turned to producing their own remedies in the form of traditional soaps, produced with only the finest ingredients and made using a slow, ancient form of soap making. Nothing unwanted is added. This means no preservatives, colourants or artificial fragrances, and no additional heat to speed up the process. Bean and Boy truly follow the most authentic way of making soap possible. When friends and family wanted more and more of the soaps they made, the family kitchen became a production line. According to their website:

“We still make our soap in the kitchen, and each batch is carefully made by hand using the traditional cold process method. We don’t add anything to speed up the process, and we keep things as natural as possible. Each batch is given the full six weeks to cure before we share them with you.”

The company is named after the nicknames for the owner’s two children, “Bean” and “the Boy”, and as “family soaps”, each product is tested in the household, to make sure that they lather well, clean brilliantly and leave the skin feeling soft and clean.

They are a perfect gift to give and they would be amazing stocking fillers for christmas.

I also love that a customer requested a tin with soap and a flannel and they took this on board and now they’re selling them for £11.00.

(The soaps are vegan and the face scrubbies/cloths are eco-friendly)


I hope that you enjoy these companies as much as I have and show them some love and support.

Lots of love,

BrambleGal xx


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