Gifts That You Won’t Find on the High Street

This year, why not think outside the box and instead of giving flowers or chocolate, go further afield and check out some gift ideas that you won’t find on the high street.

I’ve tracked down some unique companies on Instagram and Etsy and I’ve reviewed all of them for you. Here are the ones that made the Perfect Gift list – it’s in no particular order.


Samantha Curney and her aunt have been On Etsy since 2015 and have
attended various craft shows throughout Surrey.

Now that Samantha’s little girl is more independent she is excited to continue her craft and design journey with Etsy and bring her designs to your livingroom. The prints are an easy quick gift so if you’ve forgotten a certain someone’s birthday you should head over to her shop and place an order. Once she has received it you will be emailed the one you have picked. They come in a high quality PDF and JPG file, then all you have to do is print it out, put it in a frame and call it a day. I won’t tell if you don’t!

We have the “it takes a big heart to shape little minds” in grey

It retails for £1.20

She has 18 prints to choose from and accepts custom orders.

2. MadebyMelittleg

Madebymelittleg is a shop I’ve come across on Etsy that makes a wide variety of handmade love items from personalised birthday badges to kids personalised superhero capes and cute key rings.

I have the handmade cat Christmas decoration that looks just like my Charlo (one of my cats). They retail for £7.00 and £1.50 shipping fee for the UK. It’s made from wool felt with silver tinsel trim. I love the fact you can request for it to be either gold or silver tinsel so it can match your tree decorations. They are made to order but was very surprised on how prompt Ceri Lewis, the owner, was on getting my item made and shipped out.

Ceri works in a large retail shop and does her sewing in her spare time. Her Etsy shop  been trading now since 2017 from North Wales. She has been engaging with her customers by taking requests on things to make, for that extra personal touch.

3. SH Scent

I have recently tried out a couple of items from this company. I have a push pump in the bathroom, with a Paeonia scented spray attached, so that my bathroom smells divine all the time. I also have a luxurious scentaire entitled Petra, which is a fresh blend of exotic fruits and sensual floral tones. The scentaire is suitable for use all around the house and makes any room come alive with a crisp, delicate aroma. I love both products! They both smell exquisite and as they are inspired by French perfume, they take me right back to my summer trip to Paris.

The scentaire sprays cost £9.60 each, or you can bag a bundle of four for £36. The push pump manual dispenser is £1.25 whilst the highly fragranced spray canisters are £3.60.

SH Scent are based in Leicestershire, UK and was founded in 2015 by Sabrina Hanson, a mum of three. She had a simple mission in mind: to provide both homes and businesses with luxurious fragrances. They pride themselves in using ingredients of the highest quality, believing that an indulgent scent can provide a home or a business with a whole new dimension. SH Scent has recently been featured in Niche Magazine and Living in the Shires. Utilising the research behind the link between our sense of smell and our emotional state, Sabrina puts this into practice for businesses across the country, so she doesn’t just cater for us home users.








I hope you or the person you’re buying for enjoy these products as much as I do. That’s why these companies are all BrambleGal Approved!

Thanks for reading

Lots of love

BrambleGal xx


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