The Wax Melts that Get me Cleaning

So recently everybody has been cleaning mad. I’m not normally one to jump on a band wagon, but because I love the benefits of a deep clean from time to time I’ve tried to be more proactive. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning to see no housework – it definitely sets me on the right path for the day. I miss them feelings, so I’ve joined the cleaning army, as seen on social media.

But I still need that motivation to get me in the cleaning mood. So I’ve come across this company called Twinkle Cottage and they do a “laundry days” wax melts range and yes – they actually have “clean” smelling wax melts for your home.

The Laundry Days Wax Melts are a set of 12 fabulous wax tarts in the shape of twinkling white stars. They come in a variety of different scents, designed to remind you of all those great aromas from a fresh load of laundry. The scents are:

Washing Line x 2
Scent Booster Dupe x 2
Fresh Bedding x 2
Lenor Dupe x 2
Clean Cotton x 2
Dove Beauty Bar x 2

I love all the scents, it was really hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to it would be the Lenor Dupe.

This set retails at £6 and delivery is free within the UK. This is very reasonably priced for the quality of the product and on the topic of delivery, it was also very fast and arrived promptly. The melts arrived, dressed to impress in lovely pink dotted gift paper and I’m a sucker for good packaging!

They also have this amazing deal at the moment, where you can bag yourself a set of your chosen fragrances and includes a mini-burner if you don’t already have one and it comes gift wrapped. So this could be the perfect gift to give! Delivery is still free in the UK, so you can get this all for the great value of £12. They have 60 scents to choose from, but if you have a particular favourite you can order one box with just your chosen scent – this is something Twinkle Cottage’s customers have been asking for and Beci, the owner, has delivered.

They are hand made in York, UK.

The wax melts are made from soy wax, meaning they burn slowly and evenly, plus the fragrance oils are nice and strong without being overpowering. I’ve been using them now for over a week and they burn beautifully, filling the rooms with soft cleaning smells.

Its worked like a charm! They have definitely got me in that cleaning spirit. So if you want to join me in this crazy clean world get your Cinderella rags on and get ordering from Twinkle Cottage as I highly recommend them.

Officially B.G approved

I’ve left a link below to the website, but you can also check them out on Instagram and keep up to date with everything they’re doing. @twinklecottageuk – Beci also has really cool methods for cleaning wax burners and other helpful tips and tricks.

Twinkle Cottage

BrambleGal xox

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