Is your Home Spooky this Year?

I love a good scare, don’t you? To me, Halloween is not just one night but it’s the whole month. Of course, only on Halloween is it acceptable to knock on that grumpy neighbour’s door at the bottom of the street with the kids. However, in our household, we start decorating on the 1st October. I’ve put together a list of BrambleGal Approved companies that can help you dress your home up for a ghostly Halloween on any Budget – or find that perfect, unique hand made gift for someone special this year.

1. Simple Yet Spirited

Do you Love Halloween but don’t have the time to tackle a full-blown decorating effort this year? Well just pick up a few apples and oranges from your local store and then fly over to Etsy and place a wicked order for crochet pumpkins from CroChez Isabel, then just pile inside a large fruit or salad bowl then place in the center of your table, and call it a day. Simple, yet effective!

CroChez Isabel came about when a young mother decided to pursue an item on her bucket list – inspired by her own mum, she wanted to learn to crochet. At first, it was a rocky start, but after the birth of her son, Isabel decided she needed a new hobby to keep her sane. So she picked up the yarn and hook again and this time, the results are amazing! Isabel crochets to relax, but she sells her creations through her Etsy store, which you can find in the link above. She doesn’t just make pumpkins though, as you can see, we also have some really cute Star Wars characters, but she also crafts characters from Disney and the Avengers, animals and so on.

The retail prices are as follows:

Small pumpkin – £4 // Medium Pumpkin – £6 // Large Pumpkin – £8

Characters are £11 each or 3 for £30

Check out our cute collection! We’ve put our Star Wars characters in the fruit bowl to encourage our Charlie to eat more fruit – so far its been all treats and no tricks.

2. The “Everything’s £1 table” for a Kids Party on a Budget

I’ve got all this from my local Morrison’s store

All £1 for the party bags the bowls the plates the cups and even the spider web coasters

I’ve found these amazing deals all over the high street recently in places like Poundland and Wilkos. Go haunt your local shops and see what you can dig up!

As you can see, I used an old pillow case to make a ghost for the back of the chair, but if you’re feeling creative, you can use a bed sheet and make a full-sized ghoul, or even make a table cover.

3. Floral or Popping Mustard Pumpkins from Vicki Poem

Embrace the brighter side of the season with these pumpkins from Vicki Poem. We’ve dressed our fireplace with these beautiful pumpkins, which as you can see, compliments our decor in the living room. You can do this yourself, as there are a range of colours available, from purples and pastels to patterns and greys. Ours’ consist of a lovely rippled fabric on the mustard ones, whilst the white one is an elegant crushed velvet. They are all adorned with lace and a cute cinnamon stick as a stalk. Very fancy! 🙂

Vicki Poem pride themselves on the quality of their work, but also the fact that, based in Yorkshire, UK, their materials are locally sourced and often recycled. Clothes and shoes can take hundreds of years to decompose, but Vicki Poem put these unwanted garments to good use and turn them into these wonderful fabric features. The pumpkins we have retail at £13.50 for a pack of three, which is excellent value for money.

4. Set the Perfect Frightening Mood with Yankee 

By now, Yankee Candles is a household name. Most people have or have had a Yankee product in their house. But what you may not know is that they do a Halloween set, which is currently available on Amazon for £9.65. It’s an official Yankee Candle Halloween pumpkin head votive with two scented samplers: “Witches Brew” and “Forbidden Apple”. The pumpkin head is ceramic and the sampler candles offer that true to life, authentic Halloween fragrance. However, the set is labelled as rare, meaning it is probably not going to be around for much longer, so bag one of these quickly, dim the lights, set the mood and cosy up in front of a scary film.

5. The Perfect Halloween Smell

If you’re not really a candle type of witch, then cast a payment spell for a Grilled peaches and Pecan soy wax tart. It will fill your home with that fall/autumn smell. You can get them from Queen of Tarts

They retail for £2.00 and there’s a £1.00 shipping fee.

Queen of Tarts is a business started by a father and his three daughters, based in Plymouth, UK. They aim to provide quality, soy wax products for a longer, gentler non-toxic burn. Their 71 options are packed with fragrance oil for a beautiful aroma, and their fragrances are inspired by scents that we know and love. We also got a packet of melts inspired by Snow Fairy, the popular soap from LUSH, and a pack of clean cotton melts. Both of them are really authentic. But they do a whole range of scents, including another that will be perfect for winter – Gingerbread Spiced Latte!


Happy Haunting – Bramble Gal xox

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