How I Took my Look from Boring to Bold

Being a mum and being rushed off my feet to get my child to school and then get to work  means most of the time, little to no thought goes into my outfits. I’m too busy making sure Charlie doesn’t have his uniform on back to front rather than trying to make my outfits look like they’ve come off the catwalk. My wardrobe is so boring – it’s black… Black oh and BLACK! I do love black but in hairdressing we have to wear black and I’ve got carried away.  I need to switch things up!

1. I’ve Embraced White Jeans

Okay… I understand how they can be scary for some women to try at first especially you yummy mummy’s. If you can keep the mucky paws off they’ll be totally worth it. You need to look for sturdier stretch denim that is supportive and not see-through, in a skinny jean silhouette that’s universally flattering.

2. Trainers with a Dress

Now when you think of wearing a dress it’s either heel or boots but why not flats and trainers? If your typical style is classically feminine, do something a little outside of your comfort zone. I love trying out new styles. you need to give this one a go so it’s trainers with your dress or even Doc Martens. After all it is 2018 – anything can go! Get creative and plus, you’ll stay comfy all day and night no matter your plans, which is always a bonus.

3. Prints on Prints

I find this one hard to master. I think it’s a fine line from a bit to crazy and crazy enough. Wearing a single bold print is definitely a statement but if you’re unsure just rock the one print. However, if you’ve got it in you, try layering a couple of different prints! Stripes and polka dots in the same colour family work well together, as do stripes and florals.

4. Add Interesting Details + Textures

A little bit of unexpected detailing goes a long way it can also be an instant head-turner and can completely change the vibe and boldness of your look so keep an eye out for pieces that can add similar interest to your own wardrobe. Some examples of all black with a mesh embroidered top looks lovely. It’s simple but beautiful or even a black feather trimmed blazer. These are not so easy to find in your day-to-day stores but they are around and worth adding to your wardrobe.

5. Use some Metallic

Metallics have made a style comeback in the past couple of years, so embrace them.If you’re not sure at first then start small. These days you can find metallic hair scruncheis everywhere. Just add metallic-looks into your life with accessories and see how it goes for you. It’s not for everybody but if you’re into it you need to add a metallic pleated skirt to your wardrobe. It will give your look the jolt it needs to go from “basic” to “amazing” on an everyday basis.

6, Popping Colours

This one is the easiest one. If you’re like me and like black a lot you can still pop and wear red lipstick or purple lipsticks – whatever you’re into! So if you’re not grounded to the colour black then go all out sister – pop them colours and mix and match them.

If you’re on instagram Follow me @BrambleGal and Tag me in your new bold looks. I’d love to see them.
BrambleGal xox

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