5 Healthy inspring Reminders

If you’ve been wanting to improve your wellness game this year but don’t know how or are afraid to start,  well look no further: Bramble Gal got you covered. The only thing you need to do right now is commit to starting something new that’s good for you.

I hope some of these just are a healthy iinspiring reminders if your like me and struggle to change. Just adapt to one at a time and when you manage to add that into your fabulous routine add another and so on.

1. Make time for me time

Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, carving out some you time will help you stay calm when things get crazy and focused on what you want to achieve for yourself. How you choose to spend that time is up to you. I personally like to catch up on my Tv and do deep breathing or go on short walk outside.

2. Let’s get physical

and unfortunately I mean the gym kinda type of work outs

(but hey who am I to judge if you want to get physical another way) There’s literally no downside to getting active. If it’s something you been putting off for a while, ask yourself why — then commit to doing a little something every day, whether it’s starting by opting to walk some places instead of driving. Remember, the hardest part is getting yourself up and out the door to do it!

I’m so lazy the only way around it for me was to use my Fitbit and try to beat everyday my steps and then finally I wasn’t so unfit and I could just about cope gyming it but i still physically can’t run to save my life.

3. Make better food choices

Now I know this is a lot easier said than done especially if we’re busy bees. But making conscious food choices is a powerful way to practice self-care on a daily basis

I started off small – anybody that knows me knows I love Coca-Cola. I used to drink well over 5 glasses off it a day. To kick that craving I put my coke down to 3 a day then 2 a day while replacing it with bottle water and tap water. I soon stopped craving it and then I went on to kicking my bad eating habits. I use Slimming World recipes. They are very healthy and tasty meals and easy for parents like myself they got everything for a family If you are parent like myself then doing this will help your family as well as yourself. Slimming World does cover for fussy eaters and you don’t need to be that creative with it all.

4. Turn your phone off and just live in the moment

As someone whose work depends on being connected to the Internet, I personally know how hard this one can be! It’s not good for our eyes, brains and our posture or real-life social lives

We wouldn’t let our kids be glued to the computer or phone so why are we letting ourselves? As much as social media can be addictive it’s also very damaging. It can cause unnecessary stress especially if the internet trolls start sucking our life away from us bit by bit and if you’ve been lucky enough to not be effected on that just give it time.

5. Do what makes you happy

Last but not least! In addition to keeping your brain and body stimulated, having some kind of personal hobby is a great way to take some time for yourself. Constantly working toward a goal how ever small it may be. Just live your best life and do you.  I just enjoy blogging for you all that’s mine

What’s your routine on keeping sane?

BrambleGal xox

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