Our kittyrama collars

I’m now a cat owner to two city cats that are brother and sister called charlo and Tink

(Charlo the top cat and Tink the one on the bottom)

Charlo is outgoing and friendly and Tink the shy one that you’ll never see around the house until it’s dark. They are both Russian blue and they are 3 years old.

When we where given them by my future mother in law straight away I noticed they don’t wear collars and I found out they never had because of them being indoor cats.

But we have a big house that has 9 rooms all together. their old house had only 5 room so it’s a big change to the cats and a lot more space to run around

So without a bell on them I’ll never find them

And we have a child whose a free range kid age 5 and he just comes as he goes in the summer with the back door open if it’s unlocked we have a little yard that he can’t get out of but I’m sure the cats could if they wanted to. Also Russian blue are known to bolt if something scare them and then they can’t find their way back so I feel even though they are indoor cats it’s still necessary for them to have a collar

So after doing a lot of research on what’s the best cat friendly collar for my cats that are not used to it would have to be a kittyrama Collar

They are award winning collars for adult cats And it’s gentle on fur we picked the Bermuda one for Tink from the new jetsetter collection And for charlo we not yet order his one because we wanted to test it out on Tink because if Tink settle to it we know charlo will and she has after a few hours of wearing it. But we will be buying charlo the meadow one to bring out his green eyes this week

You can buy them from amazon just search “kittyrama”

They on Facebook and Instagram so if you want to see some cute cats on the catwalk modelling the collars go check it out

They have also been featured in vouge so if it’s good enough for vouge it’s good enough for my puur babies

I also love the material of the collar the Silicone straps are so soft with a smooth feel to it and it’s very lightweight. It’s a slim collar and according to kittyrama it’s breathable and waterproof.

Also the bell on the collar works like a charm

I can now find her easily and the bell noise is not too loud and annoying. Now Tink needs some modelling direction but she done her best To show you her new stunning collar

I’m so impressed with this company so it’s a full 5 stars and it’s Bramblegal approved

If your cats are on the hunt for a stylish but yet comfortable collar you need to check them out.

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