My back to School Hacks

Its been a long 6 weeks! I literally cannot believe the new school year is almost here.,I’ve loved summer with my boys but im grateful it’s nearly school time. I’m not sure I can say the same for charlie.

the plan

Lay out uniform and your own clothes, from the night before to save you freaking the hell out,  and if your child is starting school for the first time this September (good luck), practice the school-run, setting an alarm the night before and testing the routes. Most kids can cope without this but if your childs is autistic then you can thank me later i learnt the hard way.

now when it comes to buying your back to school stuff DONT bring the kids you will either end up forgetting what you need because the little devils have had a little tantrum on who getting what pencil case

also buy non-iron Uniform

Save time buying uniform that doesn’t require ironing. Lots of supermarkets stock those items and they really do save you time i really couldnt ever buy uniform that needs irionming because A, I cant irionm to save my life still and B, charlie comes back muddy eveyday and i really dont want my weekewnd when im off work to be irioning my life away.

make up the lunchboxes the night before

i personally dont do this anymore as charlie has school dinners as that works for him but when i use to i Make everything the night before and pop a frozen ice pack to keep lunch/ snacks cold.another reason why i made them up the night before was because charlie would have the worst tandrome in the morning and it took all my time to get him dressed and to calm down

Get up before your child does

i use to get up early and get dressed and look half decent especially if ive got work i get up before charlie does

now this depends on your child i like to do that so i can have a clear head on what i need to do before leaving the door wihour charlie distracting me and the time he woken up i can just focus on his needs and this has pay of so many times as charlie is very unpradictaele on his mood he could either way up like an angle child or be a devil child or somewhre inbetween.

only provide easy but healthy breakfasts

i try and do simple brekfast and i let charlie pick it he normally happy with some toast and a glass of milk and a banna but if you want to mix it up make pancakes or healthy breakfast bars  (add oats to provide slow releasing energy) or even flatjack bars or smoothies or your kids fravriote cireal from the supper market

but just dont be trying to cook a full english i like to save them for sundays mornings

and last but not least



I leave school our bags, coats, sports kits, homework and of course a water bottle and anything else my kids might need for school, by the front door from the night before so nothing ever gets forgotten.

Those are my top hacks, what are yours?

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