Best place to get a Burger in Preston uk

Anybody that knows me knows I’m a Burger kinda Gal.

So since moving to Preston I’ve been very disappointed in choices of burgers and the lack of taste and don’t get me started on how many dry burgers I’ve come across in the last few months. Its been a painful to say the least But then just down a side street I’ve stumbled across We Don’t Give a Fork and trust me when I say they actually don’t give you a fork. Just a knife and some kitchen roll!

Now this Burger bar is a really simple but yet with a rustic quirky feel to it. I love what they done with the place, especially the farm tables. The menu is not overly complicated; it’s a build a burger type menu so you choose the burger then the bread and cheeses and of course the sauce They have so many options but not too much you’ll feel overwhelmed. It’s the perfect menu And on their website it says “Our Beef is locally reared, rare breed & pasture fed from Hargreaves Farm in Preston”

Also if your bringing the kids along with you they have a very simple kids menu. My Charlie loved the chicken nugget choices. One down side is we weren’t given glasses for our Pepsi it was a Pepsi’s paper cup with a straw. Now when my partner went to get another drink he took his cup with him expecting him to refill it and charge him. But the girl just chucked it away and gave him another in a new cup I was so shocked when he told me. Like Hello can we please save the planet one plastic cup and straw at a time ? 🌏

So when you head down their and want another drink please insist they refill it unless you’re having another type of drink like I don’t know… milk (which they do provide by the way ) Talking of drinks they do soft drinks and beers and ciders and wines boozy shakes the dirty Banana shake is the one I plan on trying next time But yes I highly recommend We Don’t Give a Fork in Preston Go check it out for yourself it’s on 20 Guildhall Street, Preston

H.Taylor xx

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