Amazing Europe trip that won’t break the bank?

Hello, my name is Hannah also known as Bramble Gal and I have a serious case of wanderlust.  I’m also not rich, so there’s that.  Here’s how I was able to save money on my recent trip to Europe.

most of my traveling has been in the UK for one reason: only i have a small child under the age of  6 that’s autistic.

so because of this I’m a bit of a late bloomer on the travel front, but now charlie is more talkative on what things are bothering him like loud sounds and busy places that I’ve started these bigger adventures with him because i don’t want him to not see the world just because of autism. I don’t want it to beat him so i plan trips that are benifical for him, and i just want him to see the see the world with me

The problem with this, of course, is that I don’t have unlimited funds (HA! Not even close), so this requires some creativity at times. 

Here are a few things that I did or kept in mind in order to stay under budget.

1. Go In The Off Season

now this for me docent work as if i want to go on holiday it has to be in the school term otherwise im looking at a hefty fine and some frowned upon looks on the school run

but if you can get away with it then going off season is not only just cheaper it can also be so much quieter

2. Wait For A Flight Deal

i know this is easier said than do but it will pay off

I subscribe to a local flight deal e-newsletter so if your looking for deals you should start subscribing

3. Pack Light

Packing light meant that I saved time while re-packing at each destination and honestly, it was so much easier and less fuss. Going carry-on only, made airport experiences seamless and I didn’t have to pay any extra fees for checked or oversized bags.

4. Stay in an Airbnb, B&Bs, or with Friends

I find that hotels in big cities can be such a budget killer.  There’s plenty of other options out there, like Airbnb for generally reasonably priced rooms and a unique perspective on the city.  I recommend booking as much in advance as you can though, as some of the best deals tend to book up quickly!

5. Walk As Much As Possible

when i visited London in December 2017 i spent a lot of money on buses and tubes and even taxis and most of it is walk-able so get familiar with your location and even ask the hotel or people walking by if it’s walking distance – it saves you some pennies trust me.

6. when you arrive find the super market

It isn’t just a money saver, sometimes it’s nice to cook a meal for yourself after eating at restaurants so many days in a row! so it was really nice to grab some groceries and throw a fresh dinner together. It’s also kind of interesting to see what sort of food and products are sold at local stores in other places.

i know its not possible for everybody if they stayed in a hotel but i took charlie into Disney land Pairs summer 2018 and i saved money buying snacks to take into the park with me instead of paying Disneyland prices

7. Avoid Small Added Costs

This often starts for me even before I’ve left home and i wish i was kidding you. I convinced myself that I needed to buy new clothes or shoes in preparation for travel. Or that I need a mani or pedi, as though that really matters but I’m fully qualified in beauty and i could just do it myself as i have all the kit. This last Europe trip, I avoided (most) pre-trip spending and it was a helpful way to practice my frugal mindset.


I hope this help you travelers who are starting out taking one city at a time some low cost ways

H. Taylor

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