Things to Consider Before Rocking That Red Shade


So you’re thinking of adding a pop of red shade in your hair? Well you’re in the right place! I’m a fully qualified hairdresser and I’ve helped a lot of women and even men take the jump into colouring their hair every shade of red. From brown-reds to radients reds but there is so much to consider before making this decision. So I’ve rocked up some of the most frequently asked questions about going red.

Does red suit every skin tone?

I personally feel that anyone can go red as long as they have the right undertone and pigment. To find yours, all you have to do is figure out what your skin tone is. If you have more of a blue or green undertone, that means you are cooler. If you have more of an orange or red undertone, you are warmer. If you’re not sure ask your hairdresser.

Some people make the mistake of having a cool undertone but then having warm hair that that can make them look washed out but then again some people can rock that.

I’m like Casper the Ghost kind of white and I think I pull it off.

Can I go red in one sitting?

Not always, no. It depends on what your base is to start off with and red isn’t a simple colour because it dosen’t penetrate the hair strand easily. This is because the molecules in the red pigment are larger than molecules in any other colours, so it may take a few colouring sessions.

Will it be expensive going red at the hairdressers?

If you have black hair and want to go red then yes also red hair can be high maintenance. Especially vibrant reds like Rihanna’s. Red can fade after a few washes and that can sometimes make the colour look more translucent and dull so expect to be going to get your hair coloured at least every 6 weeks.

i want a low matiences red what kind of red would you reccomend?

if you want to go vibriant red you cant go low matiences but if you want to go red but not vibrant reds and dont want to deal with the fading is to go for more of a brown-red. Then when red fades out, you’ll be left with a nice, warm brown tone.

what kind of red shades are they?

Vibrant red 55/65 from Koleston Perfect. Also, there’s

  • Light Gold Red Blonde (Ginger)
  • Light Red Browns
  • Medium Intense Reds
  • Dark Intense Red Violet
  • Reds
  • Intense Red Violet Browns
  • Intense Mahogany Violet Reds
  • Vibrant Reds
  • Primary Reds

What’s the aftercare for going red?

I highly reccommend you invest in high quality shampoo. If you go to your nearest beauty supply store they can help you out. I would reccomend Redken Colour Extend Shampoo in between colours to prevent fading and give more vibrancy.

Can red colours get removed easily?

I’m afraid not no! When you go red it’s hard to go back. That red colour has such large molecules, it’s also an absolute nightmare to try and get out of hair. The molecules penetrate the hair shaft, the cuticle and outer layer of the hair

So if you just want to go red for summer or if you like to change your hair a lot like myself, I wouldn’t reccommend this.

How do I get red out when I want to change it later down the line?

The only way around this is causing damage by bleach bathing it to lift the colour out. Or camoflaging it with a flat brown. Or you could let it grow out but the average person’s hair grows 1.25 centimeters per month so thats 6 inches per year. There is one other way around this if you want to go light – I’ve told clients to wash their hair with washing up liquid and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo or Head & Shoulders.  All 3 will strip and fade the colour. Once the colour has faded I would reccommend then having highlights in then you’re left with more options but let’s just say you decided to go blonde I would then reccommend using a blonde shampoo on them highlights and the rest of the hair.

What if I’ve just gone red and don’t like it ?

If you’ve just gone red less than 48 hours ago and don’t like it, I would reccommend washing your hair with the above straight away before it has been 48 hours of colouring because colour oxidizes during the first 48 hours so colour slowly seeps into the natural pigments of the hair and the pigments settle over night by the secound day, the colour strengthens as the pigments lock themselvs together as oxgen in the air stabilizes the colour, so this means if you wash it straight away you lift a good chunk of the colour and fade it.

Check out my red head journey so far…

For this hair colour below I used 7/4 in Koleston Perfect from Wella. I had freshly bleached hair before applying the colour.


Then after a while I decided to be more daring and put an 8/45 on top, and i ended up with this very virbrant shade below.


I hope this post helps you make a decision. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact. I’ll be doing more posst on hair soon so keep an eye out for them or subscribe for a newsletter.

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