Year 5 of Being a Mummy

I’ve been a single mummy and full time mummy; a work mummy gone from mummy to mum.

All in 5 years and counting.

Charlie was born at 7:30pm at Lancaster hospital on 10 September 201.2

That was the exact day and time my world changed forever. Being a parent is amazing and you get so moved with pride and love towards your little one but it’s very overwhelming at times.

Especially if they’re ill and you feel hopeless or just can’t figure it out why they’re upset.

I suppose I didn’t really know what to expect. I went into this open minded but I don’t think my mind was that open!

I didn’t expect the doubt in my head

“am I doing this right? Is he happy? Why won’t he stop crying – I’ve tried everything?!”

I used to have to ring my mum and Nan everyday with questions when he was first born. I read all the baby books before he arrived and I realised you can never be prepared for this journey but you know what? That’s okay!

And it’s okay to not be okay. I was very lucky as I have great support. But in the early days I felt like a failure when I had to use that support. I wish I could go back in time and give my brain a little wobble because I was been absolutely silly.

I remember my first day off been on mummy duties. I told my Nan I was going out. She was dead excited and ended up keeping him for 24 hours and I actually just slept all day and night but I did miss him so much. I felt so sad without him and it all just felt so weird.

The good news is once they get into a routine it does get easier and you start to sleep for longer and longer until one day it’s the alarm clock going off first.

Another thing I didn’t expect when they become toddlers: you lose your privacy completely! Charlie would lay on a towel when I had a shower or bath and talk to me and when I went to the toilet he would just sit on the steps watching me. I don’t bother closing the door anymore. He’s 5 and he still does this but not as extreme. I still get it first thing in the morning though; he’ll sit right outside of the toilet asking for his breakfast. He’s a typical boy: eat first talk later kinda vibe.

Also one thing I hated is the competition between the other mums. Now, I thought this was a young mum thing.

But now Charlie started “big” school and I’m the youngest mummy in the group I can in fact confirm it’s not a young mum thing… It’s just a mum thing.

There’s always one mum that starts the “my boy can read at age 2 can yours?”

First of all every child crawls, walks, runs, swims in his / her own time

Charlie was fast in some things and very slow in others but he get there; they all get there. Don’t feel bad if your child not on the same level as the other kids. That’s another lesson I wish I understood from day one. I used to panic about his progress all the time.

Charlie has been amazing! I’ve had so much fun with him in the last 5 years and can’t wait for more to come. We are actually best friends and he taught me to be a strong independent woman but if I need help it’s just a phone call away 💪

If your a new mum to be

Your new job pays with pure love

My advice to you

Try everything for at least 2 weeks! So if that’s breastfeeding or trying out new products or even trying baby and mum groups

And just take one step at a time and take them well earned breaks when you have a minute

And just be YOU. Okay so your a mummy; that doesn’t mean you need change your whole wardrobe (but i would recommend investment in a maternity bra ) but still get that sexy bra for just you!

You can still be YOU! I still dress for my age and not the mummy age!

Keep it you keep it real.

Love from TheGingerGirlSays

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