What Beauty Brushes work for me

So lately I’ve decided to work from home and be an MUA (Make-up Artist) as well as a hairdresser and even though I am fully qualified I didn’t even know where to start when it came to brushes.

What I have learnt is, it’s like Harry Potter walking into the wand shop and trying them all out.

(Teddy was not harmed during the finding of the perfect wand brush)

Brushes are a must! You have to think of these brushes as your beauty tools. The difference that a great brush can make is nothing short of amazing! From big fluffy brushes perfect for dusting powder along cheekbones to ultra-precise lip brushes that can create those sharp or soft lines.

Now I’m normally easily pleased but not this time. I’m on the hunt for the perfect brush for my collection. I’ve used and bought brushes from high end to even low end of the market.

I tried out Morphe brushes and I liked them at first until I washed them with what they recommended and they have never been the same since. It was such a shame and yet annoying at the same time. I then went and purchased brushes from Real Techniques and Mac and I have one or two from the collection I use in my kit but over all I’m not so keen if im honest – they do the job but they’re nothing special!

So if your starting you could give them a go but its a no from me!

After trying many more from to Bobbi Brown to Charlotte Tilbury and Artis to even Tom Ford, I finally came across the two sisters that created Spectrum…


Sophie and Hannah Pycroft are the Barry-based sisters behind Spectrum Collections

They started out in their garage and took over Instagram and now they stole my heart with these brushes.

When I first ordered them I was not expecting much – I just thought they look pretty in my work station… When they arrived I was shocked how beautiful they looked but I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I had actually used them. I’ll never forget using them for the first time and just being absolutely blown away from the quality and how big and fluffy and soft they were. They glided across my skin so perfectly and blended so well and I also absolutely loved the deigns – they’re a great fashion tool as well. They’re perfect and so great to work with and I love the fact that this brand is PETA registered and a Vegan trademarked, cruelty free brand.

So the Bramble Gal says… Yeah guys and dolls! I 100% recommend Spectrum! Go check them out at  https://www.spectrumcollections.com

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